Working with Us

Expansa works with businesses large and small in a number of different ways.  We can provide an outsourced HR service for small firms without an in-house HR function.

For those with an existing HR function, we can provide external management and direction or an additional resource to increase capacity and manage special projects.

We can also provide HR training for staff at all levels including senior managers.

We can operate on a ‘pay as you go basis’ with work charged at an hourly or daily rate within an agreed budget, which is ideal for one-off projects.

Alternatively we can work with you on a retainer basis, where we agree a set monthly fee and specified amount of work on an ongoing basis. This presents a convenient budgeting arrangement and also allows you access to HR expertise on demand.

At the outset we offer a FREE CONSULTATION to ascertain your requirements and the goals and strategy of the business. We can then agree the scope of work and the basis on which we will work together.  Throughout the project, we will maintain regular contact and provide comprehensive updates on the progress of the work.