Implications of LEAVE vote for the employers and their workforce and how to deal with them

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Author: Aggy Cybulska During last week’s EU referendum the British people have chosen that they would be better off outside of the EU. The LEAVE result seems to have taken many by surprise. The political and economic instability that ensued is most likely to continue for a little while with the focus over the coming months shifting to appointing the new Prime Minister and stabilising the government. The vote has demonstrated a split nation: 48% voted in favour of remaining, whereas 52% decided to leave. Such a close result made for a lot...

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Help for Employers – new free occupational health service

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Author: Aggy Cybulska, Expansa Ltd   Every business employing staff will, sooner or later, be affected by sickness absence. Nothing wrong with that: we are human beings and we do get poorly sometimes. However, from the business point of view, problems start when a number of days off goes over what would be considered a ‘normal’ or ‘acceptable’ level of absence. According to Fit for Work website, each year around 865,000 employee absences in England and Wales are for a period exceeding four weeks. Four weeks would, in HR speak, be...

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Now recruiting for Office Administration Manager

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Job title: Office Administration Manager Salary: commensurate with qualifications and experience £21-£28K Location: Stockport (Town Centre), UK Job type: Full time, permanent Expansa’s client, a market leader in field management solutions with offices in the UK and US, is seeking an experienced Office Administration Manager to be based in their small and friendly Stockport office. This is a unique opportunity to hold a varied role in a complex and dynamic technology business with an international exposure and a multi-national client...

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How is the story of Bitcoin a lesson in leadership?

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Have you heard of bitcoin? It is a cyber-currency independent from banks, states and financial systems. As such, its value relies purely on people’s confidence in it and a demand for it. The e-currency is a brainchild of an anonymous cryptographer operating under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, who mobilised a community of talented coders (many of them cyberpunks) to participate in the creation of this revolutionary idea. The whole system, operating since the release of the first bitcoins in 2009 is self-managing and relies on crowdsourcing to...

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Zero hours contracts: workers’ exploitation or a recession buster?

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More than 100,000,000 British workers are on zero hours contracts, according to CIPD research. A rapid rise in the use of the zero hours contracts in 2012 attracted a lot of media and government attention over the past months. There are calls for them to be outlawed on the basis that they are exploitative. Supporters argue they offer greater flexibility to business which is sorely needed in difficult economic times. Zero hours contracts gained popularity after the Agency Workers Regulations 2011 came into force. These regulations entitle...

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“We are a small company – we don’t need to make more money”

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By Aggy Cybulska   Occasionally I come across the owners of small businesses who say to me “we only have 40 (insert whatever number you can think of) people, we don’t need HR”. Are you one of these business owners? It always surprises me when I hear that phrase because what they say can’t possibly be what these business owners really mean. Over the decades HR evolved from a purely administrative function to a value adding approach specialising in achieving desired impacts on people and organisations. So you can get the picture of what HR...

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Can flexible benefits help SMEs improve their “employee proposition” in a war for talent?

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The recent article on People Management website (08/08/12) stipulated that flexible benefits are becoming a norm. Although a norm in larger organisations smaller businesses have also begun to recognise the merits of so called “flex”. I remember trying to source a suitable online flex portal and a flex administrator about 4 years ago when I was implementing a new benefits scheme at a successful small business. When speaking to suppliers I was told time after time: our solutions do not fit SMEs. We were a bit ahead of the time on that occasion...

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Global job market: the old new thing

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The global job market is not a new idea. Globalisation brought with it a new category of employee: a highly skilled professional, with an excellent command of English (possibly other languages as well) and a willingness to work in any location needed. Bigger cities all over the world have thriving expat communities (actually a great portion of them being British nationals). People move around the world freely for business or leisure purposes and it is not a problem nowadays to easily transit the globe. But, have you ever thought of a global...

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Let’s help the economy recover: six alternatives to compulsory job losses

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The past few years have seen unprecedented job losses. News about job cuts has become a regular feature in the media. Nearly everyone has been affected by redundancies in one way or another. Born of the recession, job losses have the unfortunate propensity of making the recession worse. Less disposable income of the unemployed means less money in the system for business – a self-perpetuating circle of a slagging recovery. Despite the first signs of spring, the economic climate remains uncertain and some businesses may still be...

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Traditional management is costly and time consuming. Is self-management an alternative?

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Middle management executes the company’s business plan. Its main function is to ensure: • the Key Performance Indicators for the department are met; • company’s expectations in terms of people skills and behaviours are met; • people in the team feel they are being treated well and given opportunities to learn and progress. This is not in the interest of increasing manager’s popularity amongst staff but in order to prevent talent from getting a job with a competitor or disengaging. However, it has been increasingly difficult for middle...

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