Trying to keep on top of constantly changing employment regulations is a big struggle for many businesses. So is trying to grow or downsize a business without relevant people plans and policies.

A professional, reliable, local HR consultancy may be an answer. A specialist provider of human resources services in Manchester, here at Expansa we work for you.

We are the HR experts helping organisations across many sectors with a vast array of employment regulations and people management matters.

Looking for an up to date contract of employment tailored to the needs of your business? Need to train your staff in people management issues or retain your key talent? Do you think a customer service in your company could do with some improvements? Let us do the hard work.

We can provide you with the support you need, and we are on hand to deal with people and regulatory challenges quickly, effectively and professionally.

What can we do for you?

Benefit from HR outsourcing. Cut down on the time normally spent on management, meet all regulatory and business requirements and delegate those daunting “people” tasks to experts.

Access all levels of HR experience ‘on demand’ and avoid the expense of running and setting up your own internal HR team. We’ll work on or off site to help you achieve your business objectives and see your business grow.

We will endeavor to meet all of our customers’ HR needs – and our experience and vast array of services make us the perfect choice when looking to appoint a human resources consultant.

So whether you are looking to fill a vacancy, improve staff morale, design pay and bonus schemes, create training plans, develop a new appraisal system or implement Investors in People or ISO 9001 standards, we are here to help all our local clients prosper and grow.

HR in Manchester for any need

We provide a full range of HR services to handle any requirement – and so to complement our retainer-based HR outsourcing, we also offer ‘as and when’ HR support.

Make use of our HR services as much or as little as you like. We’ll provide you with assistance in any of your HR projects, or we can lead and give you back the time you need to concentrate on more important aspects of your business – it’s up to you.

Find out more

Get in touch. Whether you’d like some advice about a specific issue, or you’d like to talk to us about our HR consultancy services, contact us today.

Turn a corner – implement HR that works for you and reach your full potential with Expansa.


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What We Do

Expansa offers

HR outsourcing,

as well as a full range of HR services. We can help you deal with an employment crisis such as a grievance, discrimination claim or tribunal case, or tackle longer-term problems such as underperformance, high absence levels, high staff turnover or poor workplace attitude.

We can safeguard your business by providing practical advice on complying with all the relevant legislation.

We can also play a pro-active role in your organisation by helping you put the right people in place, raise levels of performance, improve staff engagement and wellbeing and develop management and leadership capability.

For those who want to improve their operational capability still further, Expansa can help to achieve recognised standards such as Investors in People and ISO 9001.

Our areas of expertise include:


  • Headcount planning
  • Organisation development
  • Organisation design and job design
  • Change Management


  • Recruitment Strategy
  • Employer Branding
  • Developing effective induction programmes
  • Selection and assessment

Reward management

  • Reward strategy
  • Bonuses and incentives
  • Employee benefits
  • Pensions

Employment Law

  • Discipline and grievances
  • Dismissals
  • Redundancies
  • Terms and Conditions of Employment
  • TUPE
  • Maternity & Paternal Rights
  • Equality laws and discrimination
  • Dispute resolution
  • Employment Tribunals
  • Data Protection

Employee relations

  • Absense
  • Communication and consultation
  • Flexible working
  • Working  time
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee surveys

Performance management

  • Developing and implementation of performance management systems
  • Competences

Talent Mangement

  • Succession planning
  • Retention and turnover


  • Training strategy
  • Training design & delivery
  • Management development
  • Training needs
  • Training evaluation

Health and Safety

  • Health, safety and wellbeing
  • Stress

Quality management frameworks

  • Development and implementation of quality management systems
  • Implementation and maintenance of ISO 9001

People Management frameworks

  • Implementation and maintenance of Investors in People
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IIP and ISO 9001

Do you want to improve your organisation’s performance and achieve a widely recognised standard such as Investors in People or ISO 9001?

Investors in People is not just a logo on a letterhead, it offers a flexible people management framework, which has been proven to deliver an improvement in revenue, profit and a reduction in staff turnover.

For more information on Investors in People please visit: http://www.investorsinpeople.co.uk/Pages/Home.aspx

ISO 9001 is a quality management system which offers a framework for monitoring and improving performance in all business areas. ISO 9001’s main focus is on meeting customer’s quality requirements, improving customer satisfaction, meeting regulatory requirements and on continuous improvement.

For more information on ISO 9001 please visit: http://www.iso.org/iso/home.html

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